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Time Vault


Upfront Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that enables users to earn upfront yield on their assets. The most common question that people ask is where does the upfront yield come from? In this document, we will explain the methods that Upfront Protocol uses to generate yield for users.

Yield Strategies

One of the methods that Upfront Protocol uses to generate yield is through yield pools from various protocols, such as Aave, Compound, and Curve. When Upfront Protocol generates yield from these sources, the yield is redirected into a separate Time Vault for each type of xToken, along with a corresponding yield strategy. The Available Yield in each Time Vault is generated from the principal of previous stakers. Additionally, Upfront Protocol also deposits some of the funds to Binance Launchpad/ Launchpool to earn additional yield. This diversifies the sources of yield and helps maximize returns for users. Furthermore, the protocol also implements various strategies to generate yields, such as staking in LGO tokens in Lever Finance or GLP tokens in GMX. These strategies enable Upfront Protocol to take advantage of new yield opportunities as they arise, providing users with even greater returns on their investment.


Upfront Protocol generates yield for users through various ways. By using these methods, users can earn upfront yield on their assets and participate in the growth of the protocol. With these methods, Upfront Protocol aims to provide sustainable yield to its users while growing the protocol's ecosystem.