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Time Fees

Upfront Protocol utilizes a Time Switch, akin to the Fee Switch utilized by Uniswap v3. Every time a new xToken is generated through the protocol, a Time Fee ranging from 0 to 20% is charged and directed towards the Time Vault.

For Example:

  • If the protocol has 10% Time Fee
  • An individual stakes 100 BNB in 1 year with APR 6% and generates 6 BNB
  • Protocol will charge 10% of 6 BNB (0.6 BNB) as Time Fee, so the staker receive 5.4 BNB immediately.
  • Currently, he has 100 BNB staked in the Upfront Protocol, which has yielded 5.4 BNB in rewards. He has the option to invest the 5.4 BNB again in the same protocol or another investment opportunity to generate more profit, while his original investment remains completely secure.

Current Fee

At present, a Time Fee of 10% is applied across all networks, and the resulting amount is directed to the time vault.